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Established in 1979, calzavara operates on the domestic and international markets in the telecommunications and energy fields.

For telecommunications, calzavara is a system integrator with traditional and innovative services and products for networks relative to fixed, wireless, cellular and broadcasting, TV, radio, surveillance radar and the broadband market in general.

Furthermore, calzavara offers "turnkey" and innovative services for alternative and renewable energies. In particular, for the PVs, wind energy and energy back-up and storage sectors.




SevOne was founded in 2005 by computer scientists from the University of Delaware who also served as network architects at leading financial institutions.
SevOne delivers the industrys fastest, most scalable and flexible performance management solution, comprehensively designed to monitor, troubleshoot and manage the performance of complex networks, servers and applications — all in real time. With instant and total visibility, SevOne solutions offer IT operations teams accurate and timely data to support network analysis. Our “all-in-one” integrated products scale to an unlimited number of network elements, and outperform competing products in speed, scale and value. You need no additional software, hardware, or external databases to reap the full benefit of our real-time network and application performance management appliance.



About CORE Security

Core Security is the leading provider of predictive security intelligence solutions for enterprises and government organizations.

We help more than 1,400 customers worldwide preempt critical security threats throughout their IT environments, and communicate the risk the threats pose to the business.Our patented, proven, award-winning enterprise solutions are backed by more tan 15 years of applied expertise from CoreLabs, the company's innovative security research center.


Vemotion are specialists in Wireless Video transmission, encoding and streaming live video over low bitrate networks such as wireless GSM/GPRS and radio networks. A privately-owned U.K. company, Vemotion Interactive Ltd was established in 2004 and has been developing low bandwidth video solutions ever since.

Using our highly efficient and flexible encoding and streaming products, our customers can take advantage of Wireless Video transmission, capturing live video over any network, including mobile networks GPRS and 3G, Wireless 802.n networks, microwave links, satellite and broadband. Multiple users can then view those video feeds, simultaneously, from remote and mobile locations on laptops, PDAs, smart-phones.

The ability with Wireless Video transmission to capture live video and transmit from almost any location around the world without investing in costly infrastructure or equipment gives our customers very powerful and flexible capabilities.


GlobalCom Ltd.

Founded in 2001, GlobalCom is provider of technology consulting , products and software development services to the telecommunications industry. The fusion of telecom engineering and software expertise results in a synergy that is the very essence of the company.

The company offers services as network performance autonomous tests, network development consultancy, radio network planning and optimization, drive and device tests.

One of the main solution provided by GlobalCom is QUESTIO - Reporting and Analyses Platform. The platform is getting consistent high quality drive test, autonomous probe and App reports with minimum efforts and cost.

QUESTIO is very flexible and reliable platform, which offers:

  • Predefined and customizable report templates
  • Supports main drive test file formats and technologies
  • Common visualization platform for all our products
  • Google maps engine for visualization