The world ot networks



”Vasil Kanchev” Blv. No. 26

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NCE is mainly dedicated to construction and maintenance of networks (information, telecommunication and power ones).
We are specialized in designing, legalization, construction and installation of information and telecommunication technologies for fixed and mobile networks, outdoors power supplies providing low or middle voltage, optical and copper cable lines, as well as to their maintenance.
Our competence provides professional construction and exploitation of technological networks like GSM/WIMAX/UMTS/WIFI/MAN/NGN/IT, etc.
NCE has qualified specialists, who possess valuable experience in the realization of the aforementioned fields, indispensable for the company in its mission to achieve maximum satisfaction to You, our customers.
Our personnel have thorough training and certification in the field of modern technologies, as well as practical knowledge and experience in large international companies and equipment producers in Bulgaria and abroad.

NCE is Your reliable partner for many years in the field of outsourcing processes!